5 Advertising Tips And Tricks For Cottage Rentals

Even if you spend a good portion of your time in your cottage, renting it out part-time is one of the top 10 ways to make money from your property. With the taxes and utilities that you spend, you could pay for it all with just 14 days worth of rental in a year. Cottage rentals are becoming more popular for travelers seeking something other than the generic experience of a hotel.

With the rise of room sharing apps and websites, more people than ever have access to rentals and renters for their spaces. Rather than just leaving your space unoccupied, you could earn a little extra money for that vacant space.

To break into the market of cottage rentals with a bang, follow these 5 secrets to advertising your property the right was.

1. No Need To Build A Website

With all of the holiday rental sites and apps available, there’s no reason for you to build and maintain a website. Along with that, you’d have to create a scheduling system and an e-commerce engine. Do you have the know-how to handle all of that or would you prefer to shell out thousands to have a custom one built?

Better yet, sign up for a site that will help you promote without having to do any of the work.

2. Make It Searchable

Take a look at other similar properties that seem to be popular, often booked, and highly priced. See what kind of language they’re using and emulate it.

Use exciting and enticing language and highlight the features that renters want. Listen to what others are saying and follow their lead.

Make sure you’ve got pictures that wow your potential renters. Check out Sunny Birch’s website for more ideas on how to market cottages for rent.

3. Be Broad

Posting your listing on multiple sites can be challenging. If two people try to book your cottage at the same time, you might have to let one down and end up with someone who will never rent from you again.

Ask around to your neighbors or anyone you know who is renting out properties and see what kind of sites they’re using.

4. Stay Updated

Take a look at your listing often. If you expect it to rent out and it’s not getting rented, see if prices in your area have changed. Perhaps a local hotel is running a deal and cutting into your business.

Make sure you’re maintaining your listing during critical travel seasons so that you don’t lose any business.

5. Tell Everyone

If you’ve got a really great property, post it on Instagram and Facebook. Show dramatic photos of sunsets or weather patterns from on your property.

If you’ve done some renovations or added new appliances, show those off too.

Build a following by making your audience wish they were there, even in the middle of a thunderstorm.

Cottage Rentals Have Never Been More Popular

As more young people are seeking an authentic experience outside of their often urban living experience, they are looking for a place like your cottage. Make sure you’re marketing to the right people and you’ll have renters clamoring to stay at your place.

If you’re ready to add to your collection of properties, check out our guide to buying fixer-uppers to expand your holdings.

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