How to Choose the Right Paint Booth

As of January 2018, the average pay for an automotive painting job was $54,806 annually or $18 per hour. It’s way above the minimum wage, which is fair considering painting jobs can be messy and somewhat frustrating especially if done in the wrong environment.

This is where a paint booth comes in. It’s an environment free of contaminants wherein you can work using top-notch materials.

However, choosing a spray booth can be tricky. You have to consider if you want a basic space or go for a booth with features to achieve high-quality production.

Depending on the needs of the shop owner, one type of booth may be better than the other.

That said, it’s important to get all the legwork done and know what your needs are to get the right booth for your shop. Below is a guide to help you out.

Spray Booth Types

Like most things in manufacturing, a spray paint booth’s design should be in accordance with a particular application. The most common, like those available from Marathon Spray Booths, and often preferred among them are:

Pressurized Booths

This type of booth is not only popular in automobiles, but also in manufacturing electronics. It is an enclosed area that exhausts air outdoors while drawing in air at the same volume.

In environments where temperatures are usually low, you might need a heater or air makeup system to regulate temperature and at the same time ensure the quality of air.

You’ll need this type of booth where air purity is important to make sure that the finished product is of high quality.

Open Face Booth

Possibly the most common among the three types, an open face paint booth appears with two walls on the side, a ceiling, and a rear exhaust plenum. The open front is where the air comes in and it goes out through the exhaust system.

This type of booth is a common fixture in many auto body repair shops as well as furniture and woodwork facilities.

Non-Pressurized Booths

This type of booth uses a system of filters to suck air in and expel it into the facility. For colder weathers, a shop may need a makeup unit for heat. Apart from the auto industry, spray booths like these are also used in fiberglass manufacturing.

Spray Booth Designs

A paint booth comes in different types of configurations to determine proper airflow. You can find these in either pressurized or non-pressurized spray booths.

Side Downdraft

This is when airflow navigates from the ceiling all the way to the exhaust filters in both walls on the sides.

Semi Downdraft

The movement of air comes from the ceiling and exits to the rear of the enclosure.


Air comes from the ceiling and goes down to the floor. There are different types of downdraft booths, the common of which is the “pit” style. This configuration makes use of an exhaust system that has a tunnel in it.

Cross Flow

Airflow is not restricted from the front rear. It moves one side to the next side as well.

The choice of booth depends on the shop’s needed airflow and applications. When space is the concern, cross-flow is most popular. Those who are price-driven go for semi-downdraft and the cross draft. When a shop aims for the high-quality finish, side downdraft and downdraft are common choices.

Tips for Choosing a Spray Booth

Know Your Dealer

Although startup companies are already drawing attention in their infancy stage, it’s still best to go for an established company, one that’s been around for years. The internet is an effective tool when it comes to knowing a company’s story, so use it to your advantage.

Remember that if a company has been around for a while, it only means people trust them and come back for their services. Additionally, you’ll have no problems with replacement or warranty in the future.

You’re shelling out money on a product that’s not cheap; make sure you’re dealing with people who are experts at their job.

Do You Need an Air Makeup?

Some booths may need a temperature regulator, especially in small shops where there’s a need for additional air. Go for a company that set up an air makeup unit, so you won’t have to find another contractor to do the job.

Your Booth Show Grow with Your Business

A paint booth can be an expensive purchase. If you’re starting out, buy a booth that will still be useful to you in the years to come. While purchasing. If you’re starting out, buy a booth that will still be useful to you in the years to come. While possible, enlarging some booth types can be challenging and difficult to do.

Examine Your Electric System

To make installation easier, figure out the wiring of your space. Is it a three-phase or a single-phase system?

Your supplier will need answers to this question later. It is important to note this down because it can narrow down your selection of spray booths.

Do You Need Upgrades?

There are some paint booth types that’s impossible to upgrade once it ships, so figure out if you need to do so while still in the initial buying process.

There are some dealers that offer fire suppression systems as well, sometimes free of charge as part of their service. This is an important feature to ensure safety, not only for your space but for your workers as well.

Find a Paint Booth Installer

Buying a paint booth is a construction project, so make sure you’re prepared for this reality. Beyond the utility of design, the cost is a factor as well. This is true if you’re an owner of a small body shop but willing to invest in something big to make your business better.

In the middle of considering optional accessories, know the permitting requirement of your state as well. Sometimes, prices in installation depend on the locality.

If you need more help in terms of what to look for in a company, send us a message and learn from our tips and reviews. We assure you that you’ll find what you’re looking for.

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