How to Find the Best Painting Business For Your Home

Aiming to repaint your home? Are you hoping a change in colors can spruce up your home? Make sure to take some time before hiring any painting business you come across.

You’ll want to get your money’s worth and avoid getting scammed. In 2015 alone, 27 million American adults were victims of phone scams, amounting to a loss of $7.4 billion.

How do you know if you can trust the business you’re talking to on the phone? If they’re a legitimate business, how can you tell if they’re good enough to get the job done the way you want?

There are a lot of angles to consider when looking for the right painting business. To help you make the right choice, consider the following factors:

Certification and Permits

Does the painting business have a legal permit? Every business needs a legal business permit. If they get coy about showing a permit, that’s the first sign they might be a scam.

Depending on where you live, a painting crew may or may not need to have a state license. They don’t need to have certificates of advanced training but if they do, they should rank high on your list. It shows they’re serious about their service and want to provide the best they can to their clients.

Take note that some painting businesses don’t have their own painters and instead bring in contractors. If the one you’re hiring does this, check if those workers have a binding legal contract.

Experience in the Painting Business

The next thing you should look into is the painting business’ experience in the field. How long have they been in business? How many homes did they paint this year and how many clients did they work for recently?

Although new businesses can still perform well, an older, more experienced business is the safer choice. Experienced businesses will know how to test and remove old paint containing lead. They have a system that works since they’ve been around for a while now.

More experienced businesses also know the ins and outs of the industry. They’ll know painting techniques and products that can guarantee higher quality results.

When you ask the painters questions regarding their materials and training, they’ll have the appropriate answers to give you. Newer businesses may have to dodge such questions to avoid looking inept for the task.

Employees or Contractors?

Not every painting business has a band of employed painters. Some of the low-end companies instead outsource the group to contractors. The company only exists to bring in customers but they’re not the ones really doing the painting.

If possible, make sure you hire a painting crew that has their own employees instead of part-time contractors. If anything goes wrong with the painting job, it’ll be easier to chase down the crew responsible.

Contractors can run and disappear. The business won’t hold any responsibility for them. This can be a major issue if the job the painters did was not up to your standards.

Reviews and Previous Work

How can you check all of the above? One good means is to read online reviews. See what previous clients say about their experiences hiring the painting crew. These reviews will help set your expectations.

If possible, ask if you can see their previous work. This is more important if you’re hiring interior painters because you’ll want to see how good the crew is when working on indoor surfaces.

Cost and Warranty

Get a list of everything the business charges you for. You can expect costs for the following things:

  • Paint costs
  • Disposable equipment
  • Labor per person
  • Labor per hour
  • Interior or exterior paint jobs
  • Difficulty of task

This will help you get a better estimate of the final charges. Once you know what you’re paying for, the next step before hiring a crew is to know what warranties those costs come with.

Do you get a warranty if the paint comes off or cracks after only a few weeks? Is there a warranty in case the crew used substances with toxic properties? These are things you need to consider before hiring a painting company.

Compare Quotes

As much as possible, call the painting crew and get a quote. Keep in mind that the estimate they give you can be different from the final fees since they didn’t have a chance yet to see your home. This is still a good step since you’ll get a good idea of what a company will charge you.

The smart move is to compare quotes. Don’t settle for a company’s prices until you compare them to what others have to offer. This will help you eliminate businesses that charge beyond your budget.

Don’t settle for the cheapest option right away either. Consider first why that choice is the most affordable. They might not offer some of the services or paint products that the more expensive quotes include.

Do a Background Check

The final step in hiring a painting business is to do a background check. See if the company is who they say they are. Even if they have a permit, full-time employees, and online reviews, there is still a chance they are a scam.

Checking is not as hard as it might sound.

You only have to verify if the business permit is still valid. Even a simple background check can help you hire the best painters in town and avoid a troublesome scam. Calling their customer service and verifying if they have a functional phone number and a physical address is more than enough.

Find the Right Painters and Other Services

With these tips, you can find the right painting business for your needs. In no time, you’ll have the right team painting your home and making it look as good as new.

Are you looking for more services? Do you need tips on starting an online business or hiring a lawyer? Are you a company trying to reach out to clients searching asking these very questions?

Feel free to get in touch with us and we can make that connection happen.

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