The 5 Best Tactical Flashlights

Whether you suffer frequent power outages, you enjoy camping, or you hate walking to your car in the dark, flashlights make a valuable purchase.

But tactical flashlights give you extra benefits. The switch on the tail makes them quick and easy to operate.

They’re also extra bright so you can blind attackers, giving you valuable moments to plan your defense. Pay attention to the listed lumens so you get the right flashlight for you.

Did we mention how tough they are?

If you like the sound of them, read on to discover our 5 favorite tactical flashlights.

1) Nitecore MH25GT

The beam on this torch reaches over 450m. You can even use the low light setting (50 lumens) to preserve your night vision.

But if you suddenly detect a threat? Twist the body of the torch and switch to 1000 lumens.

Hopefully, you’ll only need it to find your generator and not a thief. Though we’d recommend you hire a decent local electrician too.

It takes a Lithium-ion rechargeable battery. Though you can charge the flashlight using its mini-USB charging feature. That’ll save you buying an extra charger.

2) ThruNite TN12 2016 XP-L

Instead of just two modes, the ThruNite offers five; from Firefly at 0.4 lumens, up to 1100 lumens, the Turbo mode. It even has a strobe mode, accessed by holding a switch on the side.

Bear in mind the light gets hot on this model in Turbo mode. Like the previous flashlight, this model also takes a standard Lithium-ion battery.

The 0.4 lumen helps you to preserve your night vision, but it also saves the battery. You’ll get a huge 74 days out of the battery keeping it in Firefly mode.

3) Fenix PD35 TAC

Choose from two modes (Tactical or Outdoor) and a range of styles within them, including strobe, low, or turbo.

The Fenix offers an output of 1000 lumens at that Turbo level so beware you don’t run down the battery. Though, with its mini-USB charger, charging shouldn’t be an issue.

This flashlight also holds an IPX-8 rating, so it’s water resistant for up to 30 minutes at 6.5 feet.

4) Nitecore MT10A

This tactical flashlight offers much of the same features as the others on this list. But it has a useful bonus feature.

A red light.

You can move around in the dark without affecting your night vision. And you won’t disturb your friends at a campsite when you go to find the bathroom.

You’ll need IMR 14500 batteries to enjoy its six light modes (including the red light). It also switches its output down from Turbo to High after three minutes so it doesn’t overheat.

5) Olight M1X Striker

This flashlight adds another benefit in the shape of its bezel. Its teeth make it a handy weapon if you need to defend yourself.

That said, it has six light modes, a water-resistant rating up to 2m, and a range of 623 feet.

Carry this in your pocket and you’ll never have to worry about being caught out in the dark.

Just remember, check the best tactical flashlight reviews before you buy any, or all, of these flashlights.

Tactical Flashlights Should Be In Every Homeowner’s Toolbox

We recommend that you take a trip to your local camping store. It’s great to test out the weight and size of the flashlight – and, obviously, its light.

Work out what you need one for and find the right combination of features to suit your lifestyle.

Use our handy Find A Business That locator to find your nearest store and explore the world of tactical flashlights!

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