10 Marketing Tricks for Your Male Entertainment Business

We live in a world that has significant restrictions on what we can and can’t sell, and also rules on how we can sell it.

It’s one thing to own a conventional business such as a restaurant or salon, you will most likely never run into an issue when you’re targeting consumers.

Those in the adult entertainment industry, on the other hand, may find themselves in a position that causes them great frustration.

While advertising in other industries does not have overly-involved regulation, marketing an adult entertainment business can be tough.

It’s even harder to reach your audience if your company is centered around male entertainment.

But, there are ways you can do so quickly and efficiently.

Continue reading to learn about 10 marketing tricks you can use to market your male entertainment business.

1. Know Your Audience For Your Male Entertainment Business

Some male entertainment companies don’t have a particular audience that they’re looking for and may be open to everybody.

Others may only target people in the upper-middle class who are older than 40.

There are plenty of factors that influence who you should be looking at. These include the age and experience of your dancers, reputation, and physical location of your business.

Once you know who you’re looking for, you’ll have a much easier time reaching them through marketing.

2. Online Banner Ads

Banner ads are a great way to reach your target audience.

However, you must be sure that these ads are in good taste, or else you’ll severely limit yourself in terms of what sites you can put them on.

Rather than be explicit with your advertising, create something simple that breeds curiosity. You should also make sure the ad does not link to anything explicit.

Once consumers reach your website, they’ll be able to find everything they need to about your male entertainment business.

Plus, you’ll know that they want to be there because they clicked on your link.

3. Radio

While it may seem unconventional in a society that’s so centered around the Internet, radio can be a very effective marketing tool for companies in the adult industry.

Many radio stations offer very loose regulations after a certain time of night. This will let you reach a sizeable demographic despite the ad playing in the early hours of the morning.

Like your online ads, your radio ads should be tasteful and not explicit. Reel your audience in and offer them the chance to learn more.

4. Billboards

Even in 2017, billboards are one of the most effective marketing options at your disposal.

We haven’t quite made it to the age where everything is automated or worked on remotely. So, people commuting to and from work will always see billboards on the side of the road.

It goes without saying that you’re limited in the type of content you can display through this method.

But, you have plenty of space to include your website and phone number.

5. Events

Events are a great way to get your name out there. And, they don’t have to benefit only you.
Charity occasions, fundraisers, and auctions can increase your notoriety while giving back to the community.
Hosting an event even once each month can do plenty for getting people to recognize your brand.

Plus, there’s never anything wrong with doing something for a good cause.

For inspiration, the male entertainment business Fondudes seems to have found its niche in the market.

6. Forums

One of the most efficient ways to get into the minds of your audience is to interact with them.

You can use forums for feedback, promotion, or to simply figure out what kind of experience people in your audience are looking for.

You’ll want to find forums that are lax in their posting regulations, however, so you can be more thorough with how your business operates and what it has to offer.

Unless your business is nationally recognized, people are most likely not going to travel to visit it.

Therefore, local forums can provide the perfect opportunity to get in touch with those in your area.

7. Online Video

To show what you’re really all about, you should create a video that showcases your male entertainment business.

This should be at least a few minutes in length. To put it into perspective, you could think of it as a “movie trailer” for your company.

This will allow your audience to see exactly what kind of atmosphere you provide.

When a business is transparent, it is more trustworthy. In the adult industry, trust is very important.

Your clients will appreciate the insight you give them.

8. Facebook

Need a way for your audience to find you other than your website? Creating a Facebook page for your company is a great way to do so.

Like Twitter and Instagram, Facebook also incorporates hashtags, which you can use to your advantage when implementing local SEO strategies.

Facebook also offers you the option to schedule and boost your posts, which will conveniently allow you to reach as much as your audience as possible.

9. Instagram

In the male entertainment industry, Instagram is a blessing.

Since the content is limited to only photos are videos, you’ll be able to make sure that your followers are getting a nice glimpse of what goes on during business hours.

Instagram also appears to be relatively loose when it comes to content regulation, so you’ll be able to get away with a little more than you would on Facebook.

10. Twitter

Twitter is the most brief of the “Big Three” social media platforms in terms of content.

But, plenty of adult film stars commonly use it to promote their content. Twitter’s user base is completely fine with following and interacting with those in the adult industry.

Each platform has its strengths and weaknesses, though, and it’s best to create a profile on all three for the best results.

Male Entertainment Marketing is Key

For many people, being a business owner in the nightlife industry is a dream come true. But, marketing plays a huge role in long-term success.

With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to solidifying your presence in the minds of your audience.

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