3 Common Beard Grooming Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Beard culture started booming in the 2010s and it’s going strong to this day. Joining the trend helps you build your sense of style and is a lot like starting a new hobby.

If you’re dedicated to grooming your beard, you might find some unexpected benefits. You can make friends and find new ways to appeal to dating prospects and significant others.

Yet, “dedicating” yourself without the right knowledge can lead to a less-than-ideal look, an itchy face, and breakouts. Take a look at these common beard grooming mistakes and how to steer clear.

1. Using Beard Oil the Wrong Way

Beard oil is one of the most common beard care products and has a misleading name. It does condition beard hair, but a good beard oil is also meant for the skin underneath. If you use it the wrong way, you’ll miss out on all the benefits of beard oil.

While many brands offer a beard oil or several, there’s no oil called “beard oil.” Instead, each brand has a unique formula made from various oils and fragrances. Although all companies market beard oils as if everyone needs them, each person has different needs.

Some oils, most of all those containing oleic fatty acids, clog pores more than others. People with oily skin need to avoid products containing them and opt for linoleic fatty acids instead. On the other hand, dermatologists believe that those with dry skin could use more oleic fatty acids.

Don’t discount your skin type when picking a beard oil. All beard oils, for short and long beards alike, make their way through your beard hair to your skin.

2. Not Expanding Your Face Washing Routine

If you’re new to sporting a full beard, chances are good that your face-washing routine used to involve one or two skincare products. It might have even been nothing more than splashing some water on your face. Back then, taking care of your beard didn’t mean much more than lathering up and shaving.

Once you grow your beard out, keeping it clean is a must. Beard washing products are kind of like shampoo for your beard. This product, for example, comes in as many varieties as any shampoo does.

Apart from their unique scents, not all beard washes are made from the same ingredients. Take time to try different washes and to pick one that’s right for you, as you would with beard oil.

3. Not Waiting for Patchy Spots to Fill

No matter what manufacturers might tell you, there’s not a beard grooming kit that can make your beard fill out. You could try a beard transplant, but that’s a bit extreme for most folks.

There’s an easier solution to patchy facial hair: Wait!

Don’t assume you can’t grow a full beard because your hair is patchy when it’s short. Hair can grow at different rates, so those empty spots could well fill out if you’re patient. 

Avoid Beard Grooming Mistakes and Be Well

These easy tips will help you avoid beard grooming mistakes, feel good in your skin, and look good to impress people around you.

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