5 Tips for Impressing on Your House Showing

Did you know that the average homebuyer will view nine houses before finding the one that they will eventually settle into? Going to home showings is an essential part of that process, so potential buyers can meet with the owner and explore all of the features of the property.

Are you at the stage in your home selling process where you need to do a house showing? Here are some of the best ways to impress viewers when you start showing a house.

Bring in Greenery

Plants can bring a house to life on the inside and the outside. Try putting some fun plants on your front porch so that guests can be greeted by a cheerful burst of color. You can also place some house plants throughout the home to accent its best features.

A splash of green here and there can do wonders for how potential buyers view a room in the home. Some easy houseplants that require little to no maintenance include the snake plant and the spider plant.

Keep Family Items Out of Sight

Keeping a clean and pristine home is a great way of adding value to your home before selling. Viewers will not have to worry about having to deep clean the property once they move in.

You should also make sure that you keep the home free of clutter when you are showing a house. Make sure to store personal items under beds, in closets, or other areas that people will not see during the house showing.

Use Scent to Your Advantage

One of the best tips for house showing is to make sure that your home smells warm and inviting. You can light candles with scents that will make your guests feel welcome. Another great way for having a great smelling home is to use a wax warmer or an essential oil diffuser.

Some of the most popular scents that resonate with home viewers include citrus, pine, cinnamon, jasmine, and vanilla. If you want to use multiple scents, make sure that they work together in harmony.

Set Out Drinks and Snacks

You do not want your guests to be hungry or thirsty during the house showing. Try to set up an area in one of the main rooms with food and drinks that are easy to transport.

Cookies are one of the best ways to impress viewers because the smell of fresh bakes in the oven can be enticing. Some popular refreshments can be coffee, lemonade, or even just flavored water.

Set Your House Showing Up for Success

When you do a house showing, you should not have to worry about whether you impress potential buyers. With these tips, they can focus on the attractive features of the home and you can get your home in escrow quickly.

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