Painting Your Home: 2021 Paint Color Trends

When it comes to interior design, color is everything. Color communicates a mood, a feeling, and your aesthetic. Whether you choose neutrals, muted colors or vivid hues is up to you because color is an extremely personal decision.

But with millions of color options, it can be hard to figure out the best color scheme for your design. Dark and moody or bright and airy? One place to get answers is by checking out what colors are trending in the design world.

Need a little inspiration? Check out these 2021 paint color trends that will give your home the refresh it needs.

Rich Jewel Tone

Deep and rich, jewel tones are ideal for the bold homeowner with lots of personality. These hues pack a huge style punch while making a home feel warm. Try deep blues, pinks, reds, and purples when painting your home.

Jewel tones are great for cozy places like sitting rooms and bedrooms. Try painting a whole room for a bold design. Or use interior paint for subtle accents like painting built-in bookshelves or wall details like wainscoting. 

Desert Landscape

If there’s one color palette that screams trendy, it’s a muted color scheme that mimics a desert landscape. An updated version of the classic earth tones, a desert scheme features toned-down shades of yellow, orange, and beige.

A desert landscape-inspired palette is a great way to add color to a light and airy home. These popular paint colors look great as painted wall accents. Try arch design on the wall to highlight a feature piece of furniture.

Shades of Pink

Pink is a shade that’s been on the rise over the last few years. Once considered too young of a color for serious interior design, many designers now use pink as a neutral in their designs.

Lighter shades like blush, rose, and ballet slipper are a great base to use throughout your home. Paint a wall in a soft pink to allow your furniture to pop. They’ll look great as a background to floating shelves and hanging art.

Get a Little Moody

It’s time to be dramatic and use your paint to get a little moody. While light and bright interior have dominated design trends, darker hues are now taking over the magazine pages as one of the best paint colors.

Think forest green, charcoal gray, and even midnight black. These colors add an unexpected twist, depth, and visual interest to your interior design. Feature these dark colors in a bedroom, cozy nooks, and the kitchen.

2021 Paint Color Trends to Try in Your Home

A beautifully designed home is a reflection of your style and personality. And one of the best ways to communicate your interior design aesthetic is through color. But how do you decide which one to choose for your home?

Start by looking at the 2021 paint color trends. These can help guide your design choices. Whether you choose light, dark, muted, or bright is up to you, but surround yourself with the hues that inspire you.

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