Can It Be Fixed? Your Guide to Iphone Repair

We all love our iPhones and dread losing them or having them break. Unfortunately, having to repair a phone is something many of us have experienced, because life happens. 

It’s estimated that around 5,761 phone screens break per hour in the U.S. and that over 50 million are ruined annually.

Getting your iPhone repaired can save you money, but what are the options? And how do you find the best deal? Click here for our guide on iPhone repair.

iPhone Repair for Screen

Of all the parts of an iPhone, screens are the most likely to break. They are thin by design, often unprotected, and can only tolerate so much stress.

Although screen protectors exist, many people don’t want to spend extra cash on them. They figure they will just “be extra careful” and everything will be fine. 

Unfortunately, it only takes one mishap- like tripping on the sidewalk, or a hole in a pocket, for example- to see that caution isn’t enough. Broken screens are the #1 reason that cell phone repair shops stay in business. If you need an iPhone screen replacement, don’t beat yourself up- it definitely happens!

iPhone Water Damage Repair

Water damage may seem like a remote possibility, but water damage happens frequently to phones. Whether it’s a toddler dropping a phone in the toilet, or an accidental plunge into a swimming pool, there are probably hundreds of scenarios that result in a waterlogged iPhone.

The old trick of placing a drowned phone in a bag of rice sometimes works- but not always. The theory is that the rice is supposed to draw out the moisture from the phone by absorption.

Unfortunately, even if the rice does its job, the phone’s electronics may be too fried to function. Because water damage can involve the electronic parts of the phone, the phone may have been ruined by water contact.

iPhone Camera Repair

iPhone cameras are state-of-the-art, but they can break or malfunction if the phone is dropped. It usually costs a couple of hundred dollars to repair them, so you’ll need to compare the cost of repairs versus the cost of a new phone. 

How Much Does It Cost to Fix an iPhone?

In 2017, people in the U.S. paid over $3 billion dollars in cell phone repairs, just for cracked screens! You might say that is an expensive but necessary problem. We depend so much on our phones that when they break we’ll pay whatever is necessary to fix them, ASAP.

Individual cell phone repair costs vary, from $100 for a cracked screen to as much as $50 for water damage. Sometimes the repair may be so costly it’s actually better to buy a new phone. In any case, it’s best to have an authorized iPhone service provider take a look and see what they can do.

Stay Tuned for More up-to-Date Tips and Info

iPhone accidents happen more often than you think. If your phone breaks, don’t despair. We hope this article has summarized the reasons for iPhone repair, and what to do if your iPhone breaks.

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