How Much Does it Cost to Install an Elevator in Your Home?

Whether you want to have one for moving around large items, helping a loved one get around the house, or to simply make your home look even more impressive, installing an elevator in your home is a great choice for bigger homes.

Not only does having an elevator help with mobility around the house, but it also adds value and gives you more selling power in the event you’re ready to move out of the home. No homeowner would deny these amazing benefits.

But how much does it cost to install an elevator? After all, it’s not something that’s common for most homeowners to have. Therefore, generating a general price isn’t going to be the easiest of endeavors.

Luckily, you don’t have to do it alone. This article has a listing of the prices you can look forward to paying to have an elevator installed in your home.

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How Much Does It Cost to Install an Elevator in My Home?

Surprisingly enough, the cost of elevator installment isn’t nearly as expensive as one might be lead to think. In recent years, the national average price to install one was around $4,214, with the typical range being between $2,502 and $5,958.

However, this cost could vary significantly depending on the location and type of home. For example, someone out west would have to pay considerably more than those living in the southern regions.

What Other Factors Should I Consider?

Besides the cost of just the installation itself, you may have some other matters that you’ll want to factor in. First, you’ll need to look into permits for the construction process as some areas will require you have one before you install the elevator.

Other factors include the vertical shaft (this needs to be designed by an architect), the number of accessible floors (if it’s more than two), accommodations for raised ceilings, and any additional features/materials to upscale the look of the elevator.

Since you know how much the average elevator is going to cost you to have installed in your home, you can take a look at this elevator guide to find out which elevator would be the best fit for you and your home. Happy searching!

Always Stay Informed

Now that you know about how much does it cost to install an elevator in your home, you can buy the right elevator for your needs. However, this is only the beginning of what you need to know in order to get the most out of your home and we can help you learn more.

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