Starting a Funeral Business: How to Start a Funeral Home

Do you have a desire to help families deal with one of the eventualities of life?

And no, we aren’t talking about taxes.

As a funeral home director, part of your role will be to help people cope with death. The industry is growing due to the aging population, which means your services will be in demand.

Read on to learn how to start a funeral home and find out how to separate your business from the others in your area.

1. Write a Business Plan

What is your funeral business about? Who do you serve? What makes your business different from the competition?

These are all questions that you need to answer before you start your business. Your business plan outlines the foundation of your business.

It also shows exactly how you plan to have a profitable business. You need to do your homework and have financial information ready. You’ll need to know how much money it takes to start the business and operate it each month.

You need to know how much revenue you’ll bring in each month. Your financials are the hardest part of the business plan, but the most important.

2. Understand and Comply with All Regulations

The funeral home industry is heavily regulated. There are plenty of funeral home scams that try to take advantage of elderly people.

States have their own boards that oversee the licensing and operating requirements of funeral homes and embalmers.

You should reach out to the board in your state to find out how to obtain your license. You may have to go to school and pass an exam before you’re able to open your doors.

3. Pre-Planning Funerals

People know that they’re going to die. They may not like it or admit it, but it’s going to happen.

You can help ease the burden on families by offering pre-planned funerals.

That’s when you work with people while they’re still alive to plan their funerals. They get the funeral that they want and deserve while taking the burden off of grieving families.

There are a number of ways you can market pre-planned funerals.

You can buy final expense leads that target baby boomers. You can also partner with insurance specialists and wealth managers that work with older populations.

How to Start a Funeral Home

A funeral home may not seem like an ideal business to start because it deals with such a scary topic, but you have a very unique opportunity to help people when they really need you.

If you want to be of service to others and help families cope with death, you have to know how to start a funeral home. You’re going to need a business plan that shows why your business will be profitable.

You’ll also need to learn the licensing requirements and regulations to operate a funeral home. You’ll also have to know how to market your business and offer services that can truly help families.

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