Kick Some Asphalt: The Dos and Don’ts of Asphalt Repair

Did you realize there are over 18 billion tons of asphalt on America’s roadways?

For years, this material has been used on everything from home driveways to parking lots. Most people use asphalt due to how durable and cost-effective it is.

Like any other building material, asphalt will require repair and maintenance to stay looking and performing at peak levels. As a business owner, you will need to perform routine inspections on your parking lot on a weekly basis. Doing this will allow you to spot repair issues before they cause a lot of damage.

Once you have spotted this damage, the first thing you need to do is reach out an asphalt repair professionals. These professionals can diagnose and fix your asphalt repair issues in a timely manner.

Read below to find out more about the dos and don’ts of asphalt repair and maintenance.

Do Have Your Parking Lot Sealcoated to Avoid Extensive Asphalt Repair Issues

For most business owners, finding a way to keep their asphalt parking lot looking great is a priority. One of the best ways to keep asphalt repair issues at bay is by having this surface sealcoated every three to five years. By sealcoating the asphalt, you can reduce the damage done by harmful UV rays.

Properly sealcoating the asphalt can also protect it from oils and other car fluids. Failing to get this work done every three to five years can lead to the asphalt oxidizing and showing signs of wear.

Working with a reputable asphalt maintenance professional will help you get this job done quickly and correctly.

Don’t Point Your Sprinklers Directly at Your Asphalt

Most commercial buildings have a sprinkler system. These systems help to provide the grass around the building with the right amount of water. While these systems are a good investment, they can create a lot of damage if they are not used properly.

Allowing a constant flow of water to hit your asphalt parking lot can create big problems. As this water penetrates the asphalt, it can cause the dirt underneath it to erode. This will usually lead to cracks, depression, and the emergence of potholes.

Taking the time to properly adjust your sprinklers will be worth it. By reducing the amount of water allowed to hit your asphalt parking lot, you can keep it damage-free for a long time to come.

Do Take the Time to Crackseal Your Asphalt

While routine maintenance can reduce the amount of damage you deal with, it will not completely eliminate it. Over time, you will start to see cracks forming in your asphalt. Rather than ignoring these cracks and letting them get worse, you need to get them sealed immediately.

By having these cracks sealed by professionals, you can avoid issues with water penetration. The longer you wait to hire professionals to seal these cracks, the higher the risk will become of the ground underneath the asphalt eroding.

You can learn more about properly sealing asphalt cracks with a bit of online research. Hiring a professional to handle this process will help you avoid crucial mistakes.

Don’t Allow Heavy Equipment to Drive on Your Asphalt

Properly protecting your asphalt parking lot will require a lot of time and effort. Setting a few ground rules for your employees and the vendors you use an make this job much easier.

One of the main rules you need to have in place is that no heavy equipment can drive on the asphalt. Putting this much weight on the asphalt will cause a lot of undue strain. This strain may lead to large cracks and potholes forming.

If you can’t avoid letting heavy equipment drive on this surface, you need to make concessions for the extra weight. The best way to do this is by installing some concrete pads. These pads can help to reduce the strain put on the asphalt, which limits the amount of damage this will cause.

Do Sweep the Parking Lot on a Yearly Basis

When trying to keep your asphalt parking lot in good condition, you need to have it swept on a yearly basis. Most business owners are surprised to learn just how much debris can buildup on this surface in the course of a few months. By having the parking lot swept, you can remove loose gravel and other debris in a hurry.

Renting a sweeping machine and doing this work on your own is probably a bad idea. By hiring professionals, you can get this work done and your parking lot inspected all at once. If professionals find problems with the parking lot, they can address them right away.

Plus, if you are not familiar with how to operate one of the sweeping machines, it could lead to mistakes occurring. The money paid to professionals is worth it considering the results they can produce.

Don’t Rush Through the Asphalt Company Hiring Process

One of the main things you need to avoid when trying to get your asphalt repaired is rushing through the hiring process. Usually, there will be a number of different asphalt repair companies in an area. Taking the time to research each one is vital before making a decision on which one to hire.

You want to choose a company that has been in the business for a while and that has a proven track record. Most of the information you need to make this important decision can be found online.

A Well-Maintained Parking Lot Is Essential

Having a great looking commercial building is a must when trying to portray the right business image. Getting asphalt repair and maintenance performed by professionals can help you keep your parking lot looking great.

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