What to Look for in a Crane Repair Company: 7 Top Tips for Finding a Crane Servicing Professional

If you’re in need of a professional crane repair company, knowing what to look for can save you a lot of time and money. And, if you don’t find the right servicing experts to handle your repair, it can cost you big time.

Instead of wondering if you’ve found a company that’s capable, we’ve come up with 7 top tips to guide you towards crane repair pros.

Read on to find out what you should look for when you need dependable crane servicing pros!

7 Tips for Finding the Right Crane Repair Company 

When considering whether you should repair a crane, it can be a tough call. Some service providers may try to dissuade you from repairing this type of equipment. But, with the right repair pros, you can get your crane back to business without suffering a significant loss or endangering your crew.

In fact, it’s perfectly possible to perform safe structural repairs while adhering to OSHA and ANSI standards and regulations. The key is finding the right repair company to do the job.

Need help choosing the best crane repair experts to service your equipment?

Here are 7 tips to help you find a repair company that you can trust!

1. Make Sure Your Service Personnel Is Certified to Perform Crane Maintenance & Repairs

According to the American Society of Mechanical Engineers standards, crane repairs should be performed by a certified crane repair specialist.

Overlooking this key qualification could not only compromise your company’s liability, but it could also place your workers in serious danger.

2. Choose a Repair Company That Is Backed By Experience

There may be times when experience doesn’t matter, but this isn’t one of those times. 

When choosing a heavy equipment repair company, you want to know that you are hiring experienced professionals who have a reputation for high-quality service in the industry.

3. Are They Familiar With OSHA Compliance Regulations?

Prior to having repair work completed, it’s a good idea to review OSHA’s guidelines if you aren’t 100% familiar with how they impact your situation. 

For example, if your crane has been out of commission for a period of time, there may be regulations that prevent you from operating a repaired crane without meeting specific OSHA requirements.

4. Find a Company That Can Supply Parts On Short Notice

If you’re stuck waiting for parts, that’s valuable earnings that your company could be missing out on.

Be sure to ask around to find a company that’s willing to work on short notice and has the ability to supply parts without incurring a long waiting period.

5. Choose a Company That Offers Long-Term Savings Solutions

Once you find a repair company that offers competitive terms and pricing, it’s important that you don’t stop there.

Many companies will offer service contracts or special billing to accommodate loyal customers. Talk to them about establishing a plan that saves you the most money over the long-haul.

6. Are Parts Covered By the Manufacturer’s Warranty?

Although companies may be hesitant to offer their own warranties, they should adhere to the manufacturer’s warranty for the parts they provide.

Kor-Pak, for example, is held harmless from establishing a warranty in their terms and conditions. However, they will direct you to products that are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty should you run into any problems with a specific part they’ve sold you to repair your equipment.

7. Excellent Customer Service Is a Must

No matter the industry, excellent customer service is a great predictor of a company’s commitment to providing you with the best service possible.

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