Project Planning: 5 Important Questions to Ask an Architect Before You Hire Them

Building projects aren’t simple. They take thought, skill, and a capable person to oversee the work. If you’re planning a project, chances are you’ve already decided to bring in a professional.

If only hiring an architect was as easy as glancing at a resume. But if you’re going to trust the person you hire, you’ll need to know a few critical things. That means you need to make a list of these important questions to ask an architect.

Important Questions to Ask an Architect Before You Hire

Asking questions is critical to getting what you need. It’s imperative to know someone is up for such large-scale tasks.

1. Individual Style

Everyone has a certain way of doing things, and that’s going to be especially true for an architect.

Depending on what your project is, you’ll need to know if that personal style will fit with your ideas. If they’re a good fit, you likely won’t have to make any hard decisions. Either they’ll be able to help you see their vision, or they can adjust to your wishes.

2. Managing the Project

Something else to consider when hiring an architect is how involved they’ll be.

How many duties will they take on, and how much will they charge for these? Do they have suggestions for contractors they would hire, or do you need to find one? How close will your architects work with contractors?

These are all vital questions when you interview architects.

3. What do They Charge for Their Services?

When planning a project, you’ve likely budgeted a specific amount. It’s critical to know if a potential hire’s bill is going to stay within your budget.

On top of how much they charge, you also need to know how they’ll be charging you. Most of the time, they’ll present architectural feesĀ in percentages. You’ll want to ask them about their specific break down.

4. References and Past Work Examples

On paper, and in person, someone can seem like the perfect choice. But it’s critical to know what other’s say about them. Asking for references gives you a chance to hear from past clients. How well did they work with them? Were they good at listening and implementing desired designs?

As well as references, you’ll want a portfolio. You can’t take their word for it; look at their work and see it’s satisfactory.

5. Information About Their Firm

The most critical factor is insurance. You’ll need to know their firm is insured, and what that insurance covers.

If your architect works for a large firm, you need to know with whom you’ll be working. Is there another designer? Who else do you need to meet before signing off on the hire?

Finding More Services

Hiring an architect for your project seems daunting. But when you know the right questions to ask an architect, it doesn’t have to be. Bottom line, knowing they’re capable and easy to work with are two important factors.

If you’re ready to start interviewing architects, search for qualified professionals now.