Need a Replacement Roof? 8 Roof Tile Types to Choose From

Are in the market for a new roof for your home? It’s a crucial part of it considering it keeps you and your family safe from the elements. On top of its obvious job, it also plays a huge factor in your overall curb appeal.

There are many materials and styles that you can go for when you’re selecting your new roof tiles. Each one has a different effect on beauty and functionality. With this in mind, it can be hard to choose the right material for you.

To give you a head start, here are 8 roof tile types that you can ask a contractor about when you’re shopping around.

1. Metal Tiles

There are many great advantages to having metal tiles. They’re durable, will leak less, last for a long time, and there are a ton of style options for you to choose from.

Where metal tiles truly shine is in their ability to look like other types. If you like clay but want the durability of metal, for example, you can get metal tiles that look just like it. Stone can be really expensive to deck your roof out in, so you can use metal as a cheaper alternative.

2. Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles aren’t as durable as metal but still not flimsy material either. They’re basically flameproof if that means anything.

If you’re used to an asphalt roof, you know that you have to get repairs fairly often. Ceramic tiles require way less of these. Originally, you would have only had one color to choose from if you wanted these. Nowadays, there is a variety of colorful options for you to choose from to match the style of your home.

If you want customization options when it comes to color and size, ceramic tiles might be the choice for you.

3. Concrete Tiles

Concrete roof tile materials are a lot like ceramic ones but harder and way less breakable. You’d still get the same type of appearance and fireproof ability, just with this extra bonus.

Concrete tiles can look like the ceramic ones but they also closely resemble slate without as much weight and cost. This isn’t to say concrete tiles aren’t heavy. You would most likely still have to have your roof reinforced to hold the weight.

If you don’t mind the extra weight or the reinforcing, concrete is a great material to work with.

4. Bituminous Tiles

Bituminous tiles are flexible, lightweight, and install in no time. Really, you won’t need any screws or fasteners, they just adhesive on. That might make it sound sketchy, but they are actually not prone to any leaking.

They’re much thicker than asphalt roof tile materials which add the effect of extra texture and color variations.

5. Polymer-Sand Tiles

These are another alternative to ceramic tiles. They’re created in a mold and are made to be very stiff and durable. They break way less than your average ceramic ones.

They’re decently lightweight and like ceramic and concrete, they’re fire resistant. The only downside is Polymer-sand tiles are pretty new to the market. This means there aren’t very many shapes or colors available yet other than terracotta and round.

If you can get past the lack of customization options though, they can be a more durable alternative to ceramic, and a lighter alternative to concrete.

6. Copper Tiles

If you want tiles that will last you a lifetime, copper tiles have you covered. Not only do they last 100 years without needing a replacement, but they’re also known to be durable and they look nice. Keep in mind that after about 10 years or so the color may darken a bit due to the elements.

The biggest drawback if you want copper tiles is that they can be expensive and unlike the bituminous ones, are really hard to install if you or your contractor aren’t familiar with how they work. On the upside, the material itself is super thin so you won’t have to worry about reinforcing your roof before you put them on.

7. Composite Tiles

Composite tile is made up of metal, acrylic, and stone. This doesn’t only make them durable but the texture it gives is really popular with homeowners. Composite tiles honestly have a little bit of something for everyone.

They can be made to look like slate or clay tiles, so they’re good for those who want something that stands out. They’re not as heavy as concrete or slate so it’s good for those who want durability without having to reinforce their roof.

Despite their versatility, composite tiles are another material that’s fairly new to the market. There aren’t many customization options out there for you yet other than maybe a few colors.

8. Stone Tiles

Stone tiles are sort of a double edge sword. They’re absolutely stunning to look at. The variation of the material’s appearance will ensure that your stone roof will look completely different than another’s.

The texture that comes with stone is unique as well and like copper, they can last for hundreds of years. The problem with it is, it’s expensive and hard to install so most people try to get a different material that can mimic the effects.

Stone tiles are also very heavy so you will definitely have to reinforce your roof. It might also be hard to find a company that can work with them properly. If you insist on using the material though, this roofing company might be able to help you out.

Roof Tile Types For You to Choose From

There are many roof tile types available for you to choose from. Really look at which one will not only increase your curb appeal, but also be durable, and require the least amount of repairs. It has to be pretty and protect your family for years to come.

Are you not sure if you need to be in the market for a new roof or not? Visit our blog for signs that it’s time to call up contractors.