5 Undeniable Benefits of No Trespassing Signs at the Workplace

Slips, falls and other accidents account for well over 8 million hospital visits in the United States every year. Many of those accidents then lead to sufferers suing property owners for damages.

The law can be very tricky when it comes to events that take place on your property. If someone is injured on it, even if they had no right to be on the premises, you could be liable.

That’s why many people in the United States rely on no trespassing signs. This signage comes with many benefits both to the person putting up the sign and to those who read it.

Whether you run a business or just own private property, below, our team has outlined 5 benefits of posting signs that ask people not to trespass.

1. You Assert Your Understanding of the Law

Many people come onto other’s property thinking that A) They’ll get away with it and B) If they don’t, most owners won’t take legal action against them.

When you post a no trespassing sign, you communicate to people that you’re being proactive in notifying them that they are not supposed to be in a certain area. That being proactive could let somebody know you mean business and that if they’re caught violating your wishes, you’ll do everything in your power to see them punished.

2. You Disallow Trespassers to Feign Ignorance

Even if you catch a trespasser and take them to court for coming onto your property, many will go to court and say they were unaware they were trespassing.

When you clearly post signs that say, “Do not Trespass” and document those sign’s posting, you’ll punch holes in the ignorance defense and will be much more likely to win court cases.

3. You’ll Be Committing to Safety

If you own a business and know that certain areas should only be accessible to trained professionals, you letting others know not to trespass in those areas shows both them and bodies in charge of enforcing corporate safety standards that you’re taking the time to help keep your workplace safe.

Those positive actions will not go unnoticed.

4. You Boost Safety Consciousness

Very few people go out of their way to trespass. For many, they’re just oblivious to the dangers they’re facing when entering a certain area.

When you take the time to post signs letting people know which areas are safe to be in and which aren’t, you help them to be more conscious of their surroundings.

That consciousnesses boost could save a life.

5. You Reduce Accident Claims

At the end of the day, one of the most important aspects of leveraging a no trespassing sign is that you cover yourself from legal action taken against you.

So next time you’re debating on whether or not to spend a few dollars buying a no trespassing sign, remember, those few dollars could save you thousands on lawsuits.

Wrapping Up the Benefits of Posting No Trespassing Signs

No trespassing signs protect your business, your property, and people you may come into contact with from accidents and legal action.

For that reason, we recommend that you invest in securing your private areas with some well-placed signage!

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