Online Advertising for Small Business: 9 Ways to Promote Your Company

Alright, so you came up with a killer idea, created a business plan, got funding, and took all the steps to start your business. Now it’s finally time to take a breather, right? Well, not quite.

Once your small business is up and running, you’ll need to get a steady customer base to get that cash flow started. Promoting your business is just as important as all the steps you took to open shop.

But with such a focus on the Internet nowadays, you’ll need to incorporate some online marketing strategies. Let’s face it, good old paper flyers just won’t cut it anymore.

Do you want to know what we’re talking about? Keep reading to discover more about online advertising for small business.

1. Complete Google My Business

Gone are the days where you’d pull out that giant phone book to look for local companies.

80 percent of people are now using search engines to find businesses in their area. That means that if your company doesn’t pop up in a Google search, you’re losing out on 80 percent of potential customers.

All you have to do is fill out Google My Business. This free service allows customers to find you when they search for your type of business in the area you’re located in.

Make sure you fill out all the fields, so people will know your location, services, and hours.

2. Build a Quality Website

Having a website gives your customers a place to go to discover more about your company and products.

Of course, it’s not enough to just have a website – you want a high-quality website. Not only will this boost the image of your company, but Google prioritizes fast-responding and mobile-friendly sites.

This means that a good website will help you rank higher on Google, so more people will likely find your business.

While you may think this is an easy DIY, finding a web developer will ensure you have a professional and fast-loading website.

3. Get Yelp Reviews

Let’s say you want to hire a professional plumber to fix your kitchen sink. You do a quick search on the Internet and come across five potential companies.

You click on the first one and it only has two stars. Yikes! On to the next!

Good reviews lead to more customers. They’ll feel more comfortable trusting your company knowing that others had a good experience. So, ask your customers to leave a Yelp review or include the link to your Yelp page on your business cards.

4. Submit Press Releases

Is your company doing something newsworthy? This may include a grand opening, celebrating a company anniversary, or being involved in a charity event.

When these things happen, be sure to write about it. A quality press release focuses on your business, but also has a “newsworthy” angle to it.

Send it out to all the local news sources, so they can post it on their websites or in newspapers. People in the community will see it and learn about your small business.

5. Start a Blog

Some of the best ways to advertise your business don’t include overly promoting yourself. Starting a blog on your website is a great way to set yourself up as an industry expert.

Let’s say you sell pet supplies. You may write about the best places to walk your dog in the city, the best types of kitty litter, or how chew toys benefit dogs. Then, include links in the article to your product page or other pages on your website.

When people read these informative posts, they’ll be tempted to click on these links and purchase from your shop.

6. Utilize SEO

Alright, setting up a website, a blog, and writing press releases probably seems like a lot of work. But there’s one step you shouldn’t forget.

Be sure to utilize SEO so that more people will find these online sources. PPC is another great strategy to get your name out there.

Both SEO and PPC can be tricky to do correctly. So, make sure you read more about the best options for your company.

7. Maintain a Social Media Presence

That’s right, social media isn’t just for your kids anymore. In fact, maintaining social media pages is expected by many customers.

It’s a great way to get local customers to follow your business so they can learn about upcoming promotions and sales. Seeing your company pop up on their Facebook newsfeed will remind them of your brand.

8. Don’t Forget YouTube

When companies create social media pages, many go straight for Facebook and Twitter and skip YouTube.

It’s true – making videos can be a lot harder than creating Tweets or Facebook posts. However, it’s a great way to promote your company online.

Consider filming some videos showcasing your products, or release promotional videos when you have a new product or service coming out. Then, share them on your other social media pages to get more views.

9. Try Email Marketing

Email marketing is still a popular choice among businesses. And there’s a reason why.

Having an email list is a good way to keep in contact with anyone who has visited your business in the past. Simply ask for their email upon checkout, and you got another email to add to your list!

You can then send out special promotions, event invites, or discounts to your customers to get them coming back for more.

Online Advertising for Small Business Made Easy

Online advertising for small business may seem overwhelming at first, but it doesn’t have to be. Just follow our guide to promote your company online and increase your customer base.

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