Keep It in Stock: 10 Must-Have Office Supplies Every Business Needs

Do you want to make your business as successful as it can be?

It takes more than just a great product or service to turn a company into a success story. You also need to run a tight ship and make sure your offices are organized at all times.

You can make organization more of a priority by investing in must-have office supplies for your employees. These supplies will make it simple for those who work for your business to jot down notes, make reminders for themselves, and so much more.

Take a look at the 10 must-have office supplies every business needs below.

1. Pen, Pencils, Markers, and Other Writing Utensils

How many times have you found yourself sitting in a meeting ready to write down some notes when you realized, “Oh no, I don’t have anything to write with”?

Your office should be fully stocked with more than enough pens, pencils, markers, and other writing utensils to go around. Even though a lot of office communication is done electronically these days, you’ll still find a need for writing utensils on a regular basis.

2. Sticky Notes

There are so many ways to use sticky notes in an office setting. Your employees can utilize them to:

  • Remind themselves about a big meeting in the afternoon
  • Write down the name and phone number of a client
  • Label a line on an important piece of paperwork that needs to be signed
  • And more!

Sticky notes come in handy in all kinds of situations and will play a vital role in the organization of your company.

3. Legal Pads, Notepads, and Other Paper Supplies

The bulk of your office supply expenses will probably go towards paper supplies every year.

You’ll need to purchase legal pads and notepads for your employees to use during meetings. You’ll also need to make sure your various printers, scanners, and fax machines are always loaded up with paper.

Find a company that can offer you the best prices on your paper supplies and ensures quick delivery. Winc Australia is one great option for your business.

4. File Folders and Colorful Labels

Does your business have a filing system in place to organize all your important documents?

If not, now is the time to get on it. Use file folders and labels to store things like customer records, expenses, and more.

The colorful labels that you can buy for your business will make it easier than ever before to hunt a document down when you need it. You’ll never have to spend hours sifting through piles and piles of files ever again.

5. Binders

In addition to organizing your business’ important documents in file folders, you can also utilize binders to do it. Binders are a fantastic way to organize documents after they’re grouped together.

Consider investing in a three-hole punch as well that’ll let you punch holes in documents before placing them into a binder.

6. Staples, Paper Clips, and Binder Clips

While the majority of your important documents are going to be stored away in file folders and binders, you’re still going to have lots of papers floating around inside your office. Many of these papers will need to be kept together as they make the rounds in your office.

There are all kinds of things you can use to make sure papers don’t get separated from the papers they go with. Staples, paper clips, and binder clips will all do the trick.

7. Printer Ink

Is there anything worse than going to print something out in an office only to realize that the printer is out of ink?

Actually, yes. It’s way worse when you go to replace an empty ink cartridge in a printer only to realize that there are no replacement cartridges left!

Avoid this scenario by keeping a large supply of printer ink in your office at all times. As soon as you get even remotely low, restock your printer ink so that you don’t ever run out.

8. Envelopes

Most businesses need to mail things out regularly. Therefore, it’s important for them to keep a steady supply of different-sized envelopes on hand.

Additionally, you might want to think about buying boxes and padded envelopes for your office as well if you mail out a lot of products. Essentially, you want to have everything you would ever need to put together a shipment right in your office space.

9. Calculators

Are some of your employees in charge of tracking your company’s finances?

Equip them with state-of-the-art calculators that will allow them to keep tabs on the money coming in and out of your business.

While most people have calculators on their smartphones these days, it’s unrealistic to expect your employees to use them for company business. Give them calculators they can set up on their desks and use throughout the day.

10. Cleaning Supplies

Arguably the most important must-have office supplies on this entire list are the cleaning supplies that you need to keep around.

Spills are inevitably going to happen in your office. Your cleaning supplies will allow you to take care of them quickly.

Your employees should also get into the habit of making their workspaces as presentable as they can be. It’ll reflect well on your entire office when clients come in and see how clean it is.

Keep paper towels, sponges, cleaning solutions, and more on hand to tackle any tough messes.

Purchase These Must-Have Office Supplies for Your Business Today

You can try to run a successful business without using organizational tools for the office. But you’re going to find it difficult to get it done.

These must-have office supplies will put you and your employees at an advantage over other businesses that don’t have access to supplies. They’ll also make your entire operation run a lot more efficiently. Organization won’t be an issue anymore when you have the right supplies in place.

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