How to Find the Best Source for Background Music Tracks

Creating a video to market your upcoming business? Looking to spruce up a real estate virtual tour? No matter the purpose, all videos should include background music tracks.

Using music in a video can boost its entertainment factor. Music sets the mood and tone of a video.

With music, there are licensing and legal issues to keep in mind. This means you cannot use a song without proper licensing or credit to the artist.

Want to avoid getting sued? Then definitely avoid the temptation of pirating music!

Keep reading for all the information you need about finding background music.

Consider Royalty Free Music

Royalty free music is a great option for high quality music without high costs. With royalty free music, there are no recurring fees. The fees you do pay are minimal compared to standard music fees.

With royalty free music, you can purchase a license that allows you to use songs over and over again. This keeps money in your pocket and keeps legal woes at bay.

Now that you know about royalty music, let’s talk about where you can find it.

Best Sources for Background Music Tracks

Looking for hip hop beats for sale to liven up a video? Need to find background music you can use to make your video more interesting?

Here are five music sources to consider:

1. MusicBed

MusicBed is a royalty free site that offers a wide variety of music.

The site offers more than 600 musicians and bands to choose from. This means that you’re sure to find the perfect background sound for your video.

The site lets you search by music genre, including indie, folk, and ambient. You can also search by characteristics and mood.

2. AudioJungle

AudioJungle is another royalty free site that offers more than half a million tracks. You can purchase some songs for only $1!

From dubstep to motivational music, AudioJungle offers a wide variety of tracks. The site even offers free items each month.

3. FyrFly-SongFreedom

Looking to use popular artists for your background music tracks? If so, FyrFly-SongFreedom is the site for you.

Here you can find royalty free music from today’s hottest artists, including:

  • One Republic
  • The Lumineers
  • Jason Mraz
  • Phillip Phillips
  • WILD
  • And many more!

The best part? Some licenses cost as little as $25.

4. PremiumBeat

PremiumBeat specializes in providing access to the top composers. Here you can find background music for all of your media projects.

The site also offers sound effects and exclusive music. This can make your videos even more unique.

PremiumBeat allows you to search by genre, mood, and artist. Looking for indie pop or new age sounds? You can find those genres and more.

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