9 Reasons Why You Need to Work with a Managed Services Provider

Nearly every business is reliant on some kind of IT setup. But if you don’t know much about IT, your business can come to a standstill if your IT systems go down.

Thankfully, a managed services provider (MSP) can help you overcome this problem. They’ll be able to take care of your IT while you focus on running your business.

Keep reading and I’ll share 9 reasons that detail why you need to work with an MSP. Make it to the end of this post and you’ll learn that an MSP really is something you should think about investing in.

1. Focus on Your Business

As mentioned earlier, an MSP makes it so that you can focus on your business. If you have to install a piece of software to help you run your business, you don’t want to spend forever learning how to fix it if something goes wrong.

A talented MSP can help you fix such issues in a short period of time. They’ll be able to figure out what is wrong with your setup and what needs to change to things can work once more.

2. Save Time

We alluded to this earlier, but one of the great things about using an MSP is that they’ll help you save time.

If your IT systems are down, you’ll likely need to fix things before you can begin business as usual. If you don’t consider yourself an IT expert, though, it’s going to take a lot of ‘Googling’ to figure out what is actually wrong.

If you enlist the services of an MSP, though, you don’t need to feel alone. An MSP will come to the rescue if there are any problems with your IT infrastructure.

They’ll make it so that you don’t need to solve these problems on your own. Because the staff hired by an MSP are experts, they’ll be able to solve your problems in record time. This’ll ensure you don’t waste time that might result in your business losing out on vital revenue. This is especially the case if you work with a company like Think Scale Consulting.

3. Proactive Thinking

One of the best things about using an MSP is that they’ll be proactive. This means they’ll take steps to make sure your systems are protected from certain issues that might escalate into massive problems.

For instance, they’ll make sure that your systems are properly backed up. This will protect you in the event that your hardware fails. It can also protect you if there is a fire or even a flood.

An MSP can also make sure that all your systems are kept up to date. If your software is updated it means that it is less vulnerable to being hacked. This will protect you from losing data or even becoming victim to something like ransomware, which takes us on to the next point.

4. They’re Aware of New Threats

Hackers are always changing their approach.

New methods are being invented each day to get into vital systems. When you’re busy running your business, you might not have the time to learn about all the new threats that are on the horizon. This will also mean that you don’t have the time or knowledge needed to protect yourself from such threats.

But if you use the services of an MSP, you can worry about all this a lot less. An MSP will take it upon themselves to learn about new threats that are sweeping the world.

They’ll read up on Cybersecurity and what can be done to protect vital systems. They will then put in place these changes into your setup. This is reassuring, especially if you hear about a new threat when reading/watching the news.

5. Make Better Use of Cloud Solutions

The ‘cloud’ is impacting each business in different ways.

If you want to experience the full benefits that the cloud can offer, you might not know what to do. In a situation like this, an MSP can help you figure out what approach is best.

They’ll also help you make use of the cloud in a manner that is secure. For example, they might show you how to share documents using the cloud. They might also show you what it takes to back up your vital data using the cloud too.

6. Easier to Make Change to Your Systems

If your business is growing, there’s a good chance you’ll need to invest some money into your IT systems. With an MSP company, this is not that difficult to do.

You’ll just need to educate them on how much your company is growing and who/how many more ‘desks’ you’ll need. The MSP will then go about sourcing the hardware needed to supply the new people who need access to IT. They’ll also do what is needed to integrate these new systems so that they work with your existing network setup.

7. Reduce the Need for a Dedicated IT Department

A dedicated IT department is something that is definitely needed by some companies. But if you’re only a small company, you might not have the funds to hire someone that whose sole job is to oversee IT. This can be a problem, though. Especially if your business is heavily reliant on IT.

In a scenario like this, an MSP can be a big help. They will cost a lot a less than what you’d pay for a dedicated IT person. But they’ll still be able to provide the same level of service.

8. Solutions When You Need Them Most

An MSP can help provide you with solutions when you need them most. Suppose you need to go to an international business meeting. You might need to set things up so that you can access your office network from the country you’re visiting.

If you are using the services of an MSP you can just tell them what you need to happen. They’ll then go about setting things up so that you can achieve the outcome you want.

9. The Potential for Instant Help

Many MSP companies use something known as a ‘ticketing’ system. This means that all you need to do to get help is raise a ticket. You can do this using pre-installed software on your computer.

The MSP can then log into your device and go about fixing the issue at hand. This can make it feel as though the help is almost instant. Which is pretty amazing when you consider how long it might take to fix an IT problem if you didn’t use the services of an MSP.

Time to Invest in a Managed Services Provider?

IT is vital to nearly every business. But if you don’t have any IT skills, your business may fall apart if your IT systems fail.

In this post, we’ve taken a look at how a managed services provider can help you overcome such an issue. They can help you save time, due to their knowledge. They can also be proactive, and make sure that you don’t fall victim to new threats.

When looking for an MSP, make sure you do your research. It helps to find someone that knows your industry well. This will ensure that know how you fix software issues that might be specific to solutions only used in your industry.

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