4 Tips to Getting More Patients When You’re Growing Your Orthodontist Business

Expanding your orthodontist business into a new market is both thrilling and scary.

It can feel like you’re starting all over in many ways. But by having a solid growth and expansion plan, you can experience a flawless expansion into a new location.

Let’s explore how to attract new patients when you move into a new orthodontics location.

Maximize Your Patient Referral Program

First of all, if you don’t have a solid patient referral program in place, create one. As an established orthodontics practice, much of your business should come from referrals.

During this time of growth and expansion, you’ll take your referral program to new heights. Leverage it in order to acquire new patients.

If you’re opening a new location, then chances are that your existing patients know people in this new area. Put your existing patients to work, giving you a head start in your new area. Reward them generously for their efforts.

Promote a limited time increase in your referral bonus on social media pages and during visits. Inform existing patients about your new location.

Remind them that they’ve helped make this possible. And ask them to celebrate with you by taking part in limited time double rewards — or the like.

Not only are you endearing existing patients to you. You’re encouraging sharing and attracting new patients who will see that you reward loyal patients.

Offer to Beat Out the Competition

54% of people will switch service providers for a coupon.

Identify the other orthodontists in the area, get their price list, then make a better offer in the form of a discount or something free.

These offers can be effectively distributed through direct mail marketing. Yes, direct mail is still very effective for this form of marketing.

Additionally, distribute the offers through social media and in digital ads.

This offer should target people who have been on the fence about visiting an orthodontist. But you can also target unhappy patients.

You would never call another orthodontist business out by name. But if you have something better to offer their patients, you may be able to lure patients who are not in critical stages of treatment over to your practice.

Review Your Online Reputation

See what people are saying about you online. Remember, when you move into a new practice, one of the first things people will do is check your reviews.

If your reviews are less than stellar, putting some time and money in reputation management is an investment that will pay you back many times over.

Put processes in place to get more good reviews in order to drown out any less than stellar ones. And promote your great reviews on social media.

Have a Grand Opening For Your Orthodontist Business

Invite the community to a Saturday afternoon of food and fun at your new location. Hire live music. Set up craft stands. Make it kid and teenager friendly.

Have giveaways. And don’t forget to hand out lots of branded freebies to help keep you top of mind.

Invite existing patients to attend through social and in person. And advertise the event in your new community.

Grow, Grow, Grow

With these tips, you can enter your new market with a bang and keep the momentum “growing.”

What would you add to our list of how to attract new patients when you expand into a new market? Comment below.

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