Do You Need A Urologist? How to Choose The Right Specialist

Are you in the market for a new urologist — but have no idea how to get started on your search?

We understand that finding the right help can sometimes be a serious challenge.

We want to make it easier for you.

In this post, we’ll tell you the basic urologist definition, so that you understand what you should look for in the first place.

Then, we’ll let you know the things that you need to take into consideration to make sure you end up with the right urologist for you and your needs.

What Does a Urologist Do?

Before we talk any more about what you should look for when you’re in the market for a urologist, let’s make sure you’re clear on the urologist definition.

In a nutshell, these are medical professionals who focus on the health of your genitourinary tract, as well as diseases and infections that can harm your urinary system.

They are specialists in identifying problems relating to your bladder, your kidneys, the urethra, and, in men, your reproductive organs.

For women, a urologist can help you with UTIs, painful urination, overactive bladder, and much more.

These medical professionals perform urine collection, circumcisions, cryotherapy, and give cystoscopies and cystographies.

Now that you have a better understanding of the urologist definition, let’s move on to teaching you how to find the professional that’s right for you.

Ask About Insurance

Of course, one of the first things that you’re going to want to check when you’re looking for a urologist is whether or not they’ll accept your insurance.

Keep in mind that going with a specialist that’s out of your network will likely be much more expensive. If you’re covered, you may also want to ask about the potential copay you’ll need to provide.

Now is also the time to ask about their billing cycle, whether you’ll need to pay out of pocket for specific procedures, and much more.

Check References

When you’re beginning the search for a urologist in your area, you likely start with a quick search on Google.

For example, you might type in something like “urologist near me” and end up on the Advanced Urology website for this practice in Georgia.

While the Advanced Urology website is detailed and contains lots of patient success stories, it’s important that you also go a step further.

Remember that online, anonymous testimonials likely won’t be enough to help you to decide if this is the right doctor for you.

Instead, you need to ask the professional you’re considering working with for at least two references of past patients.

When you speak to these patients, ask about the billing cycle, the level of care that they received, and if they would work with the urologist again in the future. Your urologist should give you references who have conditions similar to your own.

If they won’t provide you with any references?

Run, don’t walk, away now.

Understand Their Experience

So, you’ve found a urologist that takes your insurance and has glowing references.

You’re ready to book your appointment, right?

Not quite yet.

You also need to be sure that they actually have experience when it comes to treating the specific issue that you’re dealing with. Ask them about their areas of expertise and specialization.

Also, ask how they plan to continue their education and learn about new treatments. Make sure that you understand the success rate, possible side effects, and recovery time of what you may need to have done.

If they don’t have the experience that you’re looking for, then ask them if they can refer you to someone who does. Additionally, if they are experienced with your issue, ask if they can recommend someone who can give you a second opinion.

Doing this will help you to feel much more secure in whatever treatment that you decide to pursue.

Schedule a Consultation

Before you decide to work with a urologist on a more long-term basis, you need to be sure that they’re truly the right fit for you.

This is important not only when it comes to the level of medical experience that they provide. Meeting with potential doctors in person also allows you to figure out of you can communicate well with the urologist, and if they’re able to answer your questions in a way you understand.

Do you feel like you’re a priority in their office? Did they take their time with you, or push you out the door to treat their next patient?

Make sure that you know the right questions to ask your doctor during your consultation.

Now is also the time to ask to see a copy of your doctor’s diplomas, license, and any other certifications you may be interested in getting proof of.

Ready to Find a Urologist you can Rely On?

We hope that this post has been useful in helping you to better evaluate all the things that you need to take into consideration when you’re choosing a urologist.

We understand that the process can feel overwhelming.

However, as long as you take the time to speak with past patients, schedule a consultation, and study up on their experience, you’ll end up in very good hands.

Of course, you need to find a way to connect with several potential urologists and narrow down your options from there.

We can help.

Spend some time on our business database to come up with a few excellent options. Then, be sure to keep checking back with our blog for more invaluable advice on how to find the best possible care.

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