How to Discreetly Buy Sex Toys From An Online Company

Almost a quarter of all adults have used toys during sex.

They’re not just for personal play. They can also bring some fun to the bedroom with a partner, and even improve relationships in the process. Some doctors even say that they can also provide health benefits.

No matter why you’re purchasing sex toys, you probably want to keep them private. In this post, we’ll tell you how to make these personal online purchases without anyone finding out.

Safe Ways to Buy Sex Toys

Keep your sexy shopping private with these tips.

Find out How it Will Show up on Your Bill

Before buying sex toys from any website, check how your purchase will be shown on your bill.

Some companies will use abbreviations to conceal their full names, while others will use a different name altogether. Either way, you don’t want something like ‘XXX Toys’ showing up on your credit card bill!

Usually, this information is given in the FAQ section of the seller’s website.

Make Sure the Packaging is Discreet

The last thing you want is for your package to be clearly labeled as containing a sex toy or lube for all the world to see. Signing for that could be pretty embarrassing.

Sex toy companies understand this, and they generally take their customers’ privacy very seriously. However, it’s always worth checking. Find out exactly how your purchase will be packaged and labeled to make sure no one else has to know what’s inside.

Get a P.O Box

If you’re not comfortable having sex toys shipped directly to your home, consider getting a P.O box.

This will allow you to pick up your delivery from a secure location, which isn’t accessible to anyone else. You won’t have to worry about a roommate or family member snooping through your mail or accidentally finding your brand new dildo!

However, it is important to note that some delivery services may not ship to P.O boxes, or have special policies in place for them. Some toys, such as the whizzinator, are shipped to P.O boxes via the United States Postal Service.

Use PayPal

If you don’t want to risk having your purchases show up on your credit card bill, avoid the issue altogether by using PayPal.

This way, you can pay either from your PayPal account and not have to worry about a paper trail. You can use the service to draw money directly from the account you link it with.

If you use this route, it will only show on your bill as a “PayPal,” transaction. No one will ever know!

Treat Yourself

For some people, a treat can be getting a makeover, booking a massage, or buying a new outfit. For others, it’s a new sex toy!

Now that you know how to buy sex toys online with confidence, it’s time to get started with some retail therapy.

Do you have any online shopping privacy tips of your own? If so, share them in the comments section below.

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