Top 5 Places for Hair Implants

Hair is more than just part of your body that grows and makes you look good. For many people, it’s their crowning glory and something that defines who they are.

How do you handle hair loss as you get older, or develop conditions that cause your hair to worsen?

Hair implants are a procedure that gives you back the look of your hair and doesn’t require devoting a lot of time for growth. Many people want results that last, not a temporary fix.

There are various treatments on the market that help, allowing you to focus on starting to grow back your hair. But if you’re looking for long-term results, the best way to achieve that is through the help of implants.

Learn more about the top five places to go for surgery and why so many individuals choose these places when having work done. You’ll be ready to book a trip and take a vacation while on the way to a whole new you.

1. India Is the Number One Destination for Saving Money on Hair Implants

India is becoming the number one place for folks of all ages to get the implant procedure performed. One of the main reasons is because of the low cost associated with procedures that would be expensive and even cost prohibitive in the United States.

For folks that need grafts of hair done, or have a lot of hair loss and require more coverage, a doctor in India can help. Like countries that are more advanced and developed, the procedures performed in India are of the same quality you would expect to find in the United States or elsewhere.

Although how much you’ll spend varies, folks agree that getting your work done in India will result in great savings, with a quality finished implant.

2. The Dominican Republic Offers a Quality and Affordable Vacation

Taking a vacation is something on everyone’s to-do list, but what if you could get the surgery done and relax someplace you’ve always wanted to go?

For those seeking hair implants, the Dominican Republic offers the chance to get your surgery done at a lower cost than what it would be in North America. Individuals who want to relax after their surgery can do so at one of the many resorts.

Even if you’re not sure where to look, a qualified travel agent can help you plan and book your trip. Make sure you tell them you plan on taking advantage of surgery while you’re there, and they can help you look for a hotel or resort that offers maximum relaxation.

You’ll save money and get the treatment you wanted. This gives you additional benefits that you wouldn’t find in your average medical spa or doctor’s office here in the United States.

3. Turkey Provides a Unique Place to Get Surgery and Save

Turkey is not the first place most people think of when getting implants or other types of cosmetic surgery done. After all, the travel is longer and farther away than most people would like.

Many would question the quality, and worry that it’s not up to the same standards as other countries.

One quality that Turkey possesses when it comes to treating those who need help with their hair is the advancements in technology related to this procedure. For folks wanting new treatments or advances that aren’t practiced in North America, this is a helpful option when having work done.

Doctors in Turkey are reported as kind, with a caring bedside manner to ensure their patients are comfortable and happy. If you’re seeking implants in a place that is known for cosmetic hair surgery, plan your trip to Turkey.

4. Mexico Makes It Easy to Save and Get Work Done Quickly

Mexico is a no-brainer for many people looking to get hair implants done. It is within North America, making the trip easy for those who don’t want to leave their continent.

Travel is as simple as driving across the border, without the worry of going by plane. That’s not the only benefit of going to Mexico.

Hair implants and restorations are a popular procedure in Mexico. Factors such as the same advancements as those found in offices in the United States and lower prices make trips there popular.

With less travel time, individuals don’t have to take off as much time from work to get their implants. Once you’re done with your procedure, you can turn your trip into a vacation, and take quality time out for yourself.

Regardless of where you visit for your implants, there are many quality vacation destinations. This allows you to make the most of your time visiting.

5. Sweden Is Rising to Become a Destination for Hair Implants

People may be surprised to see Sweden on this list. While the country is beautiful and known for being progressive, implants are not the first thing most individuals think of when getting work done or visiting the country.

For individuals that have tried treatments such as Capillus, would like different results, and want to visit a new country, Sweden is the place to go.

Clinics that offer hair implants and hair transplants have increased in numbers that are too large to ignore. With qualified doctors and skilled work, individuals from other European countries are entering Sweden for the purpose of this procedure.

If none of the other locations appeal to you, consider everything Sweden has to offer and book your trip there.

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Finding the right place to have hair implants done is never easy. Ensuring you have the right doctor is just the first step when planning out your surgery.

If seeking out a doctor is overwhelming, we can help you. Check out providers in your area to help narrow down the search and find the best one for your needs.

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