What to Look For When Choosing a Rideshare App

Taxis, buses, trains. These are all popular modes of transportation that you rely on when you can’t or don’t want to drive.

Today, your options increase even more with Uber and Lyft. But how do you know which one to go with?

Thanks to choices that include pooling with other people, or even luxury options that allow you to travel alone, but in style too, choosing a car gets confusing quickly.

Since the advent of these companies, many people have become rideshare drivers, working for these companies and offering folks an alternative method of transportation.

Read on and learn more about how to navigate the rideshare app options the next time you go out.

Can You Share Nicely?

When looking outside of a traditional taxi service, the most common options you’ll end up using include Uber and Lyft. There are other types of rideshares in various cities, but these two are the most common.

Can you (or do you want to) share with other riders? If you’re attempting to save money and don’t mind a little extra time, this is the best option.

This option works well when:

  • You don’t care if your ride takes a little longer than normal
  • You have no problem sharing with another person (or people)
  • Extra stops along the way don’t bother you

By choosing to pool with other folks, your ride costs much less than if you paid for a private ride. While it’s not ideal in every situation, it helps save money and you can meet someone interesting along the way.

The next time you want a change of pace, consider the option to share your ride with someone else.

Determine Needs to Understand Options with a Rideshare App

Uber and Lyft offer their own variations of ride-sharing including:

  • Pool (Uber) and Line (Lyft) where you stop to pick up someone along the way. Because of this, your fare is lower than a private ride.
  • Uber X and Lyft, both regular services that take you to and from your destination, without any stops unless you request.
  • Uber XL and Plus for Lyft are options when you have a large party with you and need plenty of space

This exhausts the options for Lyft. Additional Uber options are geared toward the following:

  • UberTaxi which is actually a city tax that you order through the Uber app. An extra fee is required when paying since Uber adds to the convenience and the taxi has its own expenses.
  • Select, which focuses on luxury-type cars through Uber. All have leather interiors.
  • UberBLACK, offering black luxury vehicles that have an upscale look. Ideal if you’re going to a wedding or club and want to arrive in style.

There are options for every budget. It’s important to remember that based on the type of car you want and how many people are riding, your expenses change.

You have the choice to order what you’re looking for based on the rideshare app that you choose. From getting to work to visiting the pharmacy, there’s a ride just for you.

Know That Rideshare Offers More Control Than Taxis

Unlike using a taxi service, you have control when choosing a rideshare service. With taxis, you wait or walk until you find one unless you call the taxi company and have one come to you.

Rideshare allows you to:

  • Schedule your ride
  • Select the type of ride
  • Allows you to pay and tip with credit card, so you never have to worry about carrying or losing cash

You don’t have to speak with anyone and can rely on an app or website to help you select your ride. You’ll have information at your fingertips about the company and even your driver.

Unlike any taxi off the street, you’ll know who and what you’re dealing with. Besides being convenient, it gives you peace of mind about the services you’re using.

Understand Customer Service as Applied to a Rideshare App

Some folks feel unsure about using a rideshare service. They worry it’s less professional, or the person giving them the ride doesn’t know what they are doing.

By checking out a Ride Sharing Forum, it’s possible to learn about drivers, company requirements for those who wish to drive, and how to leave feedback for a driver.

Thanks to the various rideshare app options out there, you can let others know if the driver caused an issue or wasn’t driving safely. You can even get in touch with the company and talk to someone in corporate about your concerns with an independent driver.

If you had issues (or enjoyed) your ride, let others know and leave a review for your driver. Many drivers strive to have glowing customer reviews, giving them a reason to help you have the best experience, no matter where you’re going.

Finally, it’s possible to see what the companies require of their drivers. Some requirements are stricter than others, especially for those that drive the high-end options.

This gives you confidence knowing that your driver has undergone proper screening and training, and you’re in good hands with a company that cares about their customers.

No matter who you are or where you’re going, customer service is a function that keeps these businesses operating.

Let Us Help

It’s hard to tell what services are the best and which professionals to hire, especially when navigating a rideshare app for the first time.

You don’t have to check on your own, though – we are here to help. Use the search feature of our website and browse providers that offer ride services who are local to you.

Getting around town and getting a ride has never been easier, thanks to ridesharing.

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